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Our History

At Forelsket puppies, we have taken something which started as a family passion and are turning it into a successful breeding business.

We are dedicated home breeders and breed responsibly, ethically and according to the best practices of the trade.

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Animal Welfare Comes First

At Forelsket puppies, we continue to care about our puppies long after they leave us. To make sure our puppies get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners. Contact us to find out more about the process to get on our waiting list. You can also view our facebook page for up to date information and available puppies visit

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Pupstarts Breeders

At Forelsket puppies, we do our absolute best to ensure new puppy parents are equipped with all the tools necessary for success. Pupstarts breeders offer an amazing online course called "The Puppy pod." This course bridges the gap between pups leaving us and starting puppy classes with you.

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